8 Acclaimed Foreign Films to Watch ...


As much as I love movies in English, there are just some foreign films to watch that I cannot pass up.

Some people are opposed to foreign films because they feel you have to read the movie instead of watching it, but I personally love immersing myself in the culture of another country.

Even though you can’t understand what the actors are saying, they can speak to you through the drama, humor, and action of these movies.

So pop some popcorn and get ready to enjoy these top acclaimed foreign films to watch.

1. Amelie

This adorable French romantic comedy is definitely one of the top foreign films to watch because of its imaginative look into the life of the shy waitress Amelie.

After being alienated as a child, Amelie develops a vivid imagination, which she carries into adulthood as she attempts to bring happiness to the lives of others.

This movie has won numerous awards, including Best Film at the European Movie awards, and was nominated for five Academy Awards.

2. Pan’s Labyrinth

This movie is already well known in the United States, but it still makes the list for its incredible creativity and dark spin on classical fairytale themes.

The Spanish film Pan’s Labyrinth follows young Ophelia as she escapes to a fantasy world to avoid torment from her cruel stepfather.

There she meets a magical faun who gives her three tasks to prove she is actually a Princess from a fairytale.

This magical and mystical film premiered at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival and has won three Academy Awards as well as three BAFTA awards.

3. Life is Beautiful

This is one of my all-time foreign films to watch for its pure sentiment and inspiring message.

Life is Beautiful is about how far a father will go to protect the innocence of his son in very troubling times.

Guido is a Jewish man in Italy who gets sent to a concentration camp along with his wife and son, Giusoe.

To protect his son from the horror of a concentration camp, Guido convinces his son that they are playing a game where he must complete tasks to win a tank and that the soldiers are competing against them.

I will not spoil the movie but this maybe is one of the most inspiring, uplifting movies I have ever watched and I would definitely recommend it to others.

Seven Samurai
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