10 Amazing Movie Soundtracks 2012 ...


This past year was a great one for music and movies, so I'm bringing you the best movie soundtracks 2012 style.

I love it when a great movie comes together with a fantastic soundtrack, although sometimes you also get a so-so movie with fabulous music.

Being a music lover, I'm good either way.

If you feel the same, check out these amazing movie soundtracks 2012 edition – and don't be afraid to add your own favorites if I've missed them!

1. Les Miserables

Of all the year's movie soundtracks 2012 had the end-all, be-all to me.

To be fair, I was predisposed to love this soundtrack: I'm a band geek from the way back and my particular band was always mad about Les Mis.

We watched the movie in class, we traveled to see the musical, we did a show based on it.2

Everyone I still know from back then flipped to see this – and to hear the soundtrack, which really doesn't disappoint.

Memorable songs, sung by unexpected voices – loved it!

2. Pitch Perfect

I blame this on the Better Half and on Glee.

All the mash-ups!

Of course, I wanted to see it too, simply because of Rebel Wilson, but between watching it several times in one week, then listening to highlights from the soundtrack on a lengthy trip between Massachusetts and Michigan (thanks, Heather!), I got into it.

I'm sorry, the Treblemakers are awesome.

I honestly really like their version of β€œRight Round,” many of the covers by the Barden Bellas are fun, and β€œDon't You (Forget about Me)” is prominently featured.

3. Lawless

This film isn't a huge favorite but for me, it was one of those movies I mentioned before.

It's the kind film that has a soundtrack so good, it makes the movie a little better.

Nick Cave collaborated on the soundtrack (doubling as scriptwriter, by the bye), and it's just magnificent.

If you like the Bad Seeds, you'll love this.

It reminds me a little of O Brother, Where Art Thou?

in its setup, which is just fine with me.

The covers are incredible – some of them are actually hauntingly good.

Moonrise Kingdom
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