7 Australian Movies the World Needs to Watch Immediately ...


Australian movies are everywhere.

It’s just that many of us don’t realize it!

There are some Australian movies I will never stop loving, like Muriel’s Wedding.

Others I assumed were American or British, when in fact they were just set in those places!

The Australian movie scene is buzzing, and some of the world’s most talented directors come from there.

In fact, one emerges to take award ceremonies by storm every few years with his wife!

1. Muriel’s Wedding

I couldn’t not include Muriel’s Wedding, as it is certainly my favorite out of all the Australian movies out there.2

Poor old Muriel, played by Tony Collette, is a bit overweight, a little frumpy, and very obsessed with Abba.

On a whim, she takes her mother’s blank check, goes to a tropical island, makes a wild friend, and returns home with her to Sydney.

Muriel gets a bit obsessed with weddings, only to eventually realise she’s better off with her mates anyway.

2. Two Hands

Two Hands is the movie that gave us Heath Ledger, so we have a lot to thank it for!

Heath plays Jimmy, a man who is in debt to a local gangster.

His debt arises after he loses a cool $10,000 belonging to said gangster.

Oh, and a woman the gangster is after.

It’s a bit tense and Heath is super-baby-faced, but worth a watch.

3. Moulin Rouge

Now THIS is the director I am talking about - Baz Luhrman.

Has anybody seen how many awards his wife is winning at the movie award ceremonies of 2014?

Moulin Rouge is very much an Australian production, set in Paris, using actors from around the world.

As we all know, it follows the fateful story of Satine the courtesan and the writer Christian she falls in love with.2

It has to be one of my favorite musicals, second only to Annie.

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