8 Awesome Judd Apatow Movies ...


Judd Apatow Movies are sometimes deep, frequently goofy, often ironic, and always hilarious. It's hard to pick the very best Judd Apatow movies, because so many of them are just so good, to the point where they become cult films almost instantly. He's a great director and an awesome writer, in addition to being a very savvy producer – in fact, that seems to be the role he chooses most often. In the spirit of that, I've tried to stick to Judd Apatow movies where he's featured as the producer, but in many of these fine films he's also been the writer or director as well – or both!

1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Of all the Judd Apatow movies ever made, of all the ones that will be made, this is hands down my favorite.

In many films, he gathers a core group of actors together – edgy, funny, brilliant men and women who just rock my socks.

I love it best, however, when Jason Segel and Paul Rudd star together.

Mostly, I love Jason Segel's character – and is it just me, or should he and Mila Kunis for real get married?

2. Talladega Nights: the Ballad of Ricky Bobby

I grew up in the south.

I spent many a weekend sitting beside my father and assorted uncles, watching a bunch of cars race around and around and around.

I had to see Ricky Bobby – and I recognized something in Ricky Bobby that makes me a little nostalgic for all of those weekends, when I wanted to be watching something else entirely but it didn't matter anyway because it was a Sunday and there was nothing on except Davey and Goliath.2

Judd Apatow has single handedly made me like Will Ferrell though, so that's awesome.2

I preferred this one to Ron Burgundy, but the Anchorman's definitely worth the watch as well.

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