10 Cult TV Shows Worth Watching ...


Cult TV shows are shows that have a huge and obsessive following.

Some shows have big followings, but cult TV shows have fans that will lock themselves in the house and refuse to have contact with the outside world on the night their show airs.

This may sound crazy to some, but the following list proves that it happens more than you think.

Let’s take a look at 9 cult TV shows definitely worth checking out.

1. Lost

Who didn’t watch «Lost»?!

I remember when this show was still on the air you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing people talk about it.

I didn’t watch «Lost» through to its end because it got way too confusing for me to follow in addition to all my other shows.

Even though I didn’t watch it, I remember everybody sitting around waiting for the series finale.

«Lost» is the absolute definition of a cult show.2

2. Buffy

There aren’t many shows that I’ve read hundred page theses for, actually «Buffy» is the only show I’ve done that for.

I myself am a member of this cult fandom.

When the show aired in the 90s I was a little too young to be allowed to watch it, but two years ago I watched a few episodes and got hooked.

If you’ve never seen an episode, watch it now.

Even if you don’t like supernatural shows you could probably appreciate the social commentary subtext – who wouldn’t?!

3. Firefly

«Firefly» only aired for 14 episodes before it was cancelled, but ten years later fans still are loyal to the point where there was a 10th anniversary panel at New York comic con in October 2012 for the short lived show.

Fans have «Firefly» re-watch days where they pick a few episodes and as a whole watch them all over the world.

Not many shows could inspire this kind of loyalty or love after only 14 episodes, but that’s why «Firefly» is a cult show.

Pushing Daisies
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