10 Disney Guys That Should Be Real ...


Almost every girl grew up pining over Disney guys, wishing they were real.

They sing, they dance, and they would do anything for the girl of their dreams.

What girl wouldn’t want that?

So here are my top 10 Disney guys that should be real.

That way I wouldn’t feel so weird about obsessing over fictional characters, but with some of these great Disney guys, I just can't help it!

1. Aladdin

He may be a street rat, but he is also one of my favorite Disney men.

Aladdin may not be a real prince, but he certain knows how to charm a lady.

I’d take a date on a flying carpet over dinner and a movie any day.

2. John Smith

John Smith is on this list of Disney guys that should be real because he was always the adventurous one.

His constant curiosity is so attractive.

And he is not afraid to go against the grain for the woman he loves.

3. Prince Eric

Even though he is the only Disney prince to never sing, he stole my heart.

He may have been a bit quick to jump into a relationship with Ariel (I mean, he didn’t even know her name), but I could look past it for those eyes.

4. Tarzan

Who needs an awesome car when you can swing on vines with this jungle cutie?2

Sure, he may have been raised by monkeys, but who really cares when he is that good looking.

Besides, he's a teddy bear at heart!

5. The Beast

Any guy who gives a girl an entire library automatically makes my list of Disney guys.2

My favorite thing about the Beast was that there was so much more to him than looks.

You wouldn’t see just how beautiful he was until you got to know him.

And that is the best kind of love.

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