7 Good Comedies to Watch with Friends ...


I absolutely love comedies and, when it comes to watching them with my friends, I have to agree there is simply no better way to spend a lazy evening.

Now, when it comes to good comedies to watch with friends, I can’t really say I prefer this or that- Anything goes as long as we’re all having fun.

So, with that being said, I’m giving you the list of movies I consider Good Comedies to Watch with Friends:

1. Your Highness

Your Highness

Price: $16.99 at amazon.com

If you’re looking for some new good comedies to watch with friends you definitely can’t go wrong with Your Highness!

I’ve watched it alone and had a lot of fun but I’m sure the experience would be much better if I had some friends watching it with me.

I mean, there’s nothing worse than turning around trying to do the “Hahaha, did you see that?” move only to realize there’s nobody in the room.

There is no nudity but a pretty decent amount of foul language is to be expected so, make sure you watch it with people who appreciate that type of humor.

2. The Pacifier

The Pacifier

Price: $11.99 at amazon.com

Watch this cool action/comedy if you like Vin Diesel and would love to see him playing a slightly different role.

There are a lot of funny scenes, hilarious dialogues, witty one-liners and, regardless of how strange it sounds, not even one car gets trashed!

It’s one of those family comedies so you can let your younger siblings watch, too.

3. The Naked Gun

The Naked Gun

Price: $16.99 at amazon.com

You got to love Leslie Nielsen!

I think I’ve watched every single one of his movies although I must admit Officer Frank Drebin is and always will be one of my favorite characters.

Now, if you’re familiar with The Naked Gun Trilogy you will notice that I wasn’t very specific, the reason for that, of course, being my inability to decide which one to suggest.

All three of them are great so maybe you could get together a bit earlier, organize something like a movie night and watch them all?

Now, that would be awesome!

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