7 Great How I Met Your Mother Concepts ...

There are plenty of great “How I Met Your Mother” concepts. Every so often, the writers come up with ideas that connect with their fans. Sometimes the concepts are funny and sometimes they’re lessons or names for #things that we go through. If I named all of them, this list could go on for a while, but let’s take a #look at seven “How I Met Your Mother” concepts.

1. The Olive Theory

This is my favorite “How I Met Your Mother” concept hands down. It’s a really sweet idea. The Olive Theory is based on Lily and Marshall’s relationship. The theory is that if one person likes olives and the other person in the #relationship doesn’t, then they have perfect balance and are meant to be together. This might sound a little weird, but I think it really makes sense and that the olives are just a metaphor for opposites attract. I love this concept!