7 Most Romantic Scenes on TV ...


Some of the most romantic scenes on TV come from the characters, shows, or moments we would least expect.

I think the ones that really surprise me are my favorites.

It’s always so hard to narrow my options down to fit my lists, but this had to be one of the hardest!

Let’s take a look at what I think are seven of the most romantic scenes on TV.

1. Jim and Pam’s Wedding

I have seen this scene more times that I can remember;

it’s definitely one of the most romantic scenes on TV.

Pam is so obsessed with the wedding being perfect (as most brides are) and Jim is trying to solve every problem.

Jim, being the perfect man that he is, has a backup plan.

The two get married on a boat tour of Niagara Falls, but we don’t see this until later.

During the actual wedding scene where their wedding party copies the viral video of the people dancing down the aisle to a Chris Brown song, the audience is shown clips of Jim and Pam getting married on the boat.

The first time I saw it I couldn’t help but cry.

I love them so much.

2. Spike’s Speech

I can’t watch this scene without getting teary eyed!

I can never choose whether I like Buffy better with Angel or Spike.

All I know is that when Spike finally spills his heart out to her, it shows that he truly loves her for who she is.

She’s about to face the apocalypse and he tries to comfort her by telling her that she is strong enough and he knows this because it is one of the reasons that he loves her.

He was once the most evil character in the show and all of a sudden he’s this sweet and romantic guy who makes me teary eyed.

Ned and Chuck Kiss
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