21. One 1️⃣ Day

Graduation 🎓 day ☁️ is better than any birthday 🎁 because you’ll see your enemies for the last time, you’ll no 🙅 longer have to complete useless assignments, and if you’re Emma, you’ll meet the love 🌹 of your life.

The story revolves around Emma and Dexter who first 1️⃣ meet on 🔘 their graduation 🎓 day, and although they are polar opposites, life 💓 keeps bringing them back 🔙 together 👫 on 🔛 the same date 👬 --July 15th.

Whether they end up 👆 together 👫 or grow 🌱 apart for good, you’ll have to find out for yourself!

You’ll never get through a July 📅 15th without remembering this film, so you better enjoy it!

Schindler's List