25. One 1️⃣ Day

Graduation πŸŽ“ day ☁️ is better than any birthday 🎁 because you’ll see your enemies for the last time, you’ll no πŸ™… longer have to complete useless assignments, and if you’re Emma, you’ll meet the love 🌹 of your life.

The story revolves around Emma and Dexter who first 1️⃣ meet on πŸ”˜ their graduation πŸŽ“ day, and although they are polar opposites, life πŸ’“ keeps bringing them back πŸ”™ together πŸ‘« on πŸ”› the same date πŸ‘¬ --July 15th.

Whether they end up πŸ‘† together πŸ‘« or grow 🌱 apart for good, you’ll have to find out for yourself!

You’ll never get through a July πŸ“… 15th without remembering this film, so you better enjoy it!

Groundhogs Day Meets Love Story in This

Two unlikely people keep coming together on the same day in the film One Day.

It'll show you that sometimes love is right where it's always been.

ONE DAY,ONE DAY,Anne,Hathaway/Jim,Sturgess,

Price: $7.83

Bridge 🌁 to Terabithia