7 Old Disney TV Shows That I Wish Would Come Back ...


There are so many old Disney TV shows that I wish would come back. Honestly, if Disney ever did a "throwback week" where all they aired were these shows, ratings would sky-rocket. Where can I pitch that idea? LOL! They do play reruns of some of these shows but they're usually late at night when everyone's already asleep. Of course, that doesn't keep me from staying up to catch an episode of Lizzie McGuire. Check out some of the old Disney TV shows that I miss!

1. Lizzie Mcguire

Lizzie Mcguire

Hilary Duff was the original "It" girl of Disney Channel. Every episode had a life lesson in it and they did it in a fun and quirky way that the audience could relate to. It dealt with school crushes, getting your first bra, popularity, friendships, and so much more. I remember watching this show and rooting for Lizzie & Gordo to finally end up together, but it looks like I'm going to have to settle for that kiss they had in The Lizzie McGuire Movie! This is just one of the old Disney TV shows that I wish would come back.

2. Even Stevens

I'll never get enough of watching a young Shia LaBeouf in Even Steve