7. …and They All Lived…

… Happily ever after?

Well, that’s just the thing about these types of TV shows – we know both Merlin and Arthur will live long enough to get gray hairs and we know they’ll stay the best of friends but what we don’t know is exactly how is that going to happen.

And that’s, like, the best part!

We know what’s going to happen once they get old but this is one story that was never told from the beginning… until now, that is.

And that’s what we want… that’s what I want and, hopefully, some of you Merlin fans out there as well.

And… I’d say this wraps it up so if these reasons to watch Merlin Series were not enough to convince you, I’ll just have to pull out the big guns.

So, Merlin fans, do help me out!

Tell me and others why do you like this TV show!

What’s your fav scene?

Favorite character?

Favorite line?

Top Photo Credit: There's No Time!

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