7 Shows for a Girl's Night in Party ...


There are plenty of TV shows for a girl’s night in party.

Instead of naming just any shows, I’m going to share some of my personal favorites.

So get the junk food ready and pick one (or 7!) of these shows for a girl’s night in party!

1. Sex and the City

Whenever you’re in need for a good laugh or cry, "Sex and the City" has got you covered.

Gather around with your closest friends and get ready to watch one of my personal favorite TV group of friends.

This is definitely one of the best shows for a girl’s night in party.

My favorite thing to do when watching this show is figure out which of my friends is most similar to each of the gals in this group, so pop open a bottle of wine and enjoy!

2. AbFab

While some of these shows might make you shed a tear, "Ab Fab" is guaranteed to make you laugh until your stomach hurts.

Who wouldn’t love to watch best friends get into some insane antics?!

It doesn’t hurt that you can have fun making fun of their outrageous outfits.

A British classic, loved by many here in the States, this is definitely one show that cannot be skipped for a girl’s night in.2

3. Will and Grace

One of my favorite shows to catch in reruns, "Will and Grace" is guaranteed to make you laugh!

Be careful though, certain episodes might make you cry.

Depending on which kind of mood you’re in you’ll want to be careful, but no matter the mood or episode this is one show that I love to watch with my friends.

My favorite characters are Jack and Karen!

Who is yours?

4. Revenge

This may not look like a show for a girl’s night, but don’t let the action fool you.

"Revenge" is filled with deception, romance, mystery and some action that any girl is sure to love.

Oh, and did I forget to mention the cute guys and amazing wardrobes?

Let’s be serious, what more does a girl’s night in need?!2

True Blood
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