7 Steamiest Sex Scenes in Hollywood ...


In most Hollywood movies, sex scenes need to be a part of the particular development of a story and its characters.

It is situational, and for a few moments, the actors are expected to forget that they are acting, and blend the parts they are playing into their sexual reality.

Chemistry is called forth, and it is not easy to get it right.2

But when things fall into place, what you get is a screen scorcher: intimacy between two very unique people.

Here are some memorable on-screen sexual moments, the 7 steamiest sex scenes in Hollywood.

1. Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas in Basic Instinct

It was 20 years back, but it is still the most talked about and most viewed sex scene in Hollywood.

Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas created a few minutes of such raw and explosive passion on screen, that it will leave you breathless even the fifth time you watch it.

There is barely any tenderness, and Sharon Stone very quickly sets herself up as someone who is both controlling and demanding.

The moment of the scene is when she ties Michael Douglas’ hands to the bedpost

2. Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas in Original Sin

Angelina and Antonio are regarded amongst the most beautiful specimens of their respective sexes, and they set the heat rolling with their graphic sex scene in Original Sin.

Angelina is the classic Femme Fatale, sexually demanding and mysterious, who is posing as the faithful mail order bride that Antonio wanted.

She turns out to be more than a handful for him, and here he finds himself drawn in towards her irrepressible sexual power.

Obviously, men love it because it is without a doubt one of the steamiest sex scenes in Hollywood.

3. Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton in Monster’s Ball

Halle Berry plays Leticia Musgrove, a woman trying to come to terms with the trauma of loss.

Her husband was killed on death row, and her son died in a car accident.

Billy Bob Thornton is the racist death row guard who killed her husband, and now finds himself falling for this unusual black woman, contrary to his most fundamental beliefs.

The tension of this strange coupling comes alive in a raw and passionate sex scene, which features an almost totally drunk Halle Berry.

Diane Lane and Olivier Martinez in Unfaithful
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