7 Things I Learned from Mean Girls ...


Besides being able to literally quote the entire movie, there are tons of things I learned from Mean Girls that have really stuck with me. Because it deals with friends, love, and drama, the lessons taught in Mean Girls really sticks with me. After watching this movie for the millionth time, here are some of the top things I learned from Mean Girls. They're so fetch.

1. Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

When Mrs. Norbury thinks that the new girl from Africa is the black girl, she is making an assumption based on her apperance. One of the things I learned from Mean Girls is to not judge someone based on how they look. Cady walks up to a group of black kids and says “Jambo,” assuming that they know Swahili just because they are black. When you judge a book by its cover, you embarrass yourself and possibly offend others. It is best to get to know someone before making these kinds of assumptions.

2. Everyone Has Their Own Troubles

Gretchen just wants to be liked, Mrs. Norbury is just trying to pay h