Top 8 Worst Movies Ever Made ...


Some movies are so bad that they’re good.

Other movies are just plain garbage and horrible enough to be named one of the Worst Movies Ever Made.

This list is made up of Hollywood’s biggest pieces of crap and most utter disappointments.

These movies are everything from incoherent, badly acted, horribly thought out, and just plain lazy.

Here are my nominees for the Worst Movies Ever Made.

8. Plan 9 from Outer Space

This has been commonly considered one of the worst movies ever made by just about every one out there.2

It’s so bad that a movie was even made by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp detailing director Ed Wood’s catastrophic filmmaking.2

The movie is bad even by 1960’s sci-fi standards.

Don’t rent the actual movie, instead spring for Tim Burton’s Ed Wood.

It’s at least meant to be funny.

7. The Matrix 2 & 3

These were just senseless.

The original set the bar incredibly high and then the Wachowskis upped the ante and thought they were coming back with a vengeance.

They didn’t.

These follow ups used too much CGI, had a story that was totally incoherent, and very little that is actually good.

It’s better to just pretend they don’t exist.

6. Spiderman 3

I like to pretend that this nominee for one of the worst movies ever made doesn't even exist.

Apparently, director Sam Raimi was all set with what would have surely been a great third act to his series when the studio forced him to add the villain Venom, to what was already a film packed with characters.

Adding that extra element ruined the movie;

especially the scene where Peter Parker starts dancing around a bar.


5. Southland Tales

Directed by Richard Kelly, the same guy who did Donnie Darko, this movie had the potential to be something special.

Instead Kelly proved that he is indeed a one trick pony.

This movie has a good cast, but other than that, it’s complete garbage.

The story makes no sense as it jumps from musical number to unrelated plot point to pure randomness.

Definitely one of the worst movies ever made!

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