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Remakes are considered a safe bet if the original has already been successful. In reality, though, most remakes do not even compare to the original. However, there are some remakes that not only are better versions of the originals, but also great movies in their own right. Here is a list of 7 awesome Hollywood remakes.

1. The Magnificent Seven

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Akira Kurusawa has been the inspiration for many great Hollywood remakes and this film is one of the best examples. A remake of Kurusawaโ€™s โ€˜Seven Samuraiโ€™, this classical samurai epic was transformed into a brilliant American Western film that did extremely well. The film showed a brilliant cast f actors cast as gunmen hired to protect a Mexican village besieged by villainous forces.

2. Scarface

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This is one of those awesome Hollywood remakes that went on to become a cult film. Based on Howard Hawkโ€™s 1932 drama of the same name, the 1983 remake featured Al Pacino as a gun wielding kingpin that competed with Godfatherโ€™s Michael Corleone for fame.

3. The Man Who Knew Too Much

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This is perhaps the only instance of an awesome remake that was remade by its own maker. The filmmaker who had enough panache to create a masterpiece not once, but twice was none other than Alfred Hitchcock.

4. Cape Fear

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Based on J. Lee Thompsonโ€™s 1962 stalker thriller of the same name, this was sure to be one of the most awesome Hollywood remakes considering it brought together two geniuses- martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro. All performances in this film are absolutely outstanding and brilliant.

5. The Departed

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Based on Andrew Lau and Alan Makโ€™s 2002 crime thriller โ€˜Internal Affairsโ€™, this remake shifted the location from Hong Kong to Boston and featured Irish gangsters instead of Asian ones. The story and the execution is of epic stature and it is little wonder that Martin Scorsese won an Oscar for this remake.

6. Oceanโ€™s 11

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One of the most popular heist films of recent times; this is a remake of Lewis Milestoneโ€™s 1960 flick of the same name. The star cast is not only impressive but very well utilized in the film and the film was an instant hit with the audience.

7. A Fistful of Dollars

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Another Kurusawa remake makes it to the list because he was undoubtedly a genius and a great inspiration for generations of filmmakers. Based on โ€˜Yojimboโ€™, the particular film is famous for introducing Clint Eastwood as the โ€˜Man With No Nameโ€™. Surprisingly, this was Sergio Leoneโ€™s first Spaghetti Western film and it made him a household name across the nation.

As you can see from this list of 7 awesome Hollywood remakes, a well made remake is an acknowledgement and appreciation of the original. But, at the same time, it is also a vehicle for the filmmaker and cast to make their own mark using creativity and originality. Let us hope that Hollywood will continue to make tasteful remakes for many years to come.

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