7 Best Monster Movies ...

Different things scare different people. Similarly, people define β€œmonster movies” in different ways. I define a monster movie as any flick that contains something that totally should not exist at all. I'll cop to fact that I'm not a huge fan of old time creature features. Rather, here's my take on the 7 best monster movies, chosen because I still scream when I watch them … and some of them still make me peek in the closet and under the bed.

1. Child's Play

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This movie gets on the list because, at the time, I had a Kid Sister doll. And My Buddy, so she'd have someone to play with. Can you imagine? Chucky scared the living bejeebus out of me – and honestly, he still does, at least in the first one. They lost the plot with the sequels, but they scored a home run with that little monster the first time around.

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