7 Hottest on-Screen Heroes of All Times ...

Every hero is brave, tough, selfless, some of them even get to be funny and fire out a few interesting catchy phrases but rare ones make it to the list of the hottest on-screen heroes of all times. Especially if I’m the one making it. LOL! Now, being a good hero takes more than just running around with guns blazing and stuff, taking out an entire army barehanded, whipping the girl out of your back pocket, smooching a bit and then riding into the sunset – that’s why you’ll never see Rambo on this list or on any other ones I might decide to make. You will however see 7 very popular names, names I consider worthy of mentioning in the context of hottest on-screen heroes of all times. And here they are:

1. Batman

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I never liked Superman or Spiderman but Batmen…now that’s a whole different story. It might have something to do with the dark costume but then, it might also have something to do with the fact that only super hotties got to play the role. The City of Gotham is often quick on passing judgments, often unappreciative of their hero and yet, Batman is always there to look in the face of danger, deliver series of punches to it and keep the bad guys under control. Hero, I tell you!

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