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Some super heroes have airtight secret identities, while others are about as transparent as freshly Windexed glass. Clark Kent it a great example of a terrible secret identity; the man just takes off his glass and messes his hair up a little and his identity is supposed to be concealed. It’s a joke that no one in Metropolis, or especially at the Daily Planet, noticed that one of their coworkers was Superman. Here is a list of super heroes that actually put some effort into maintaining their alter egos.

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Donald Blake was just a partially disable medical student when he stumbled upon Thor’s mighty hammer. Upon striking it to the ground Donald Blake becomes the god of thunder. This is a compete transformation, and that’s about as airtight as it gets

7. The Flash

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All three of the speedsters, Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, and Wally West, wear scarlet suit covering their entire body, except for their mouth, nose, and eyes. As an added bonus, when they’re around people they have the ability to vibrate their faces so that they look like on big blur to any curious onlookers.

6. The Hulk

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Scrawny scientist, Dr. Bruce Banner, was bathed in gamma radiation during an experiment gone awfully wrong. He now transforms into the super strong, super dumb Hulk when he’s angered. He goes from little weak doctor to oversized green beast. Good luck putting two and two together there.

5. Spiderman

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Nerdy newspaper reporter, Peter Parker, was bitten in high school by a radioactive spider, giving him a vast array of super powers. Just like Bruce Banner, Parker is a scrawny unassuming weakling. Basically the last person you would expect to be Spiderman.

4. Batman

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Billionaire playboy during the day, brooding masked vigilante by night. Why would anyone ever think that Bruce Wayne, the man that has it all, would risk his life every night to save the innocents of his city. They wouldn’t which is why his secret identity is so genius.

3. Martian Manhunter

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John Jones is the name Martian Mahunter took upon coming to Earth as the last of his race of shape shifting Martians. When he fights crime he is a green, blue cape-sporting alien. When he walks around as John Jones the detective, he looks like a regular man. Pretty solid in my book.

2. Daredevil

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Matt Murdock was injured in a toxic waste accident as a young boy that robbed him of his sight. In return he was endowed with super senses allowing him to to sort of echo locate, knowing where everything around him is. He is a blind attorney. Why would anyone ever think that Matt Murdock was a costumed vigilante? He was outted in the comics so people now know, but they still have their doubts. Blind lawyer is some pretty great cover, though.

1. Captain Marvel

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Billy Batson is a young boy, who upon calling out the name β€œShazam!”, is struck by bolt of lightning transforming him into the super hero Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel is almost as strong as super man, and like most children has a very black and white sense of right and wrong making him one of the purest heroes in the land. Who would ever think little Billy Batson is actually capable of being as strong as Superman? I sure bet he wishes he could explain all those absences from school by telling his teacher that he’s a super hero.

Got a super hero in mind who has a better cover story? Just don’t say Superman or Wolverine and maybe I’ll hear you out.

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