8 Colin Firth Movies I Can't Get Enough of ...

Colin Firth is far and away one of my favorite actors of all time. He's all upright and stodgy and sexy and proper and British – and he's an amazing thespian, at that. There are tons of his movies that I can – and do – watch over and over and over. You can basically check out his IMDb list to see all of them. For now, however, here are the top 8 Colin Firth movies I can't get enough of.

1. Valmont

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If you liked Dangerous Liasons or, I don't know, Cruel Intentions, with hot little Sebastian Valmont, then you'll love this movie. Cruel Intentions was loosely based on this and Dangerous Liasons, and it centers around some serious love games – which Firth, as the vile, vicious, oh so delicious Valmont, does extremely well.

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