7 '90s Sitcoms We Need to See Make a Revival ...

Everyone loves '90s sitcoms, and in 2014, it’s about time a few of them came back for a reunion show (or season, we’re not picky). A few of our favorite '90s sitcoms are coming back, while others are vehemently against a reunion. Either way, we can always dream of these would-be glorious reunions one day coming to fruition!

1. Full House

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I think Full House is probably one of everyone’s favorite '90s sitcoms. There wasn’t much not to love about it, even if watching in 2014 is pretty cringe inducing. I think it goes without saying that everyone, no matter your age, loved Uncle Jesse and would kill to see a revival for him alone. He has actually done a few “Jesse and the Rippers” TV performances over the past few years, with other cast members popping up here and there. It’s not the same, though. I think we can all agree when I say that we need a full-cast reunion, and soon.

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