11 Absolutely Classic Movies That Originally Bombed ...

The list of blockbuster movies is forever growing, but I never realized until recently that some of our favorites are actually classic movies that bombed when they were first released. Some of these are really quite surprising because they are huge favorites today and loved by millions. They are movies we never tire of. Take a look and be amazed at some of the absolutely classic movies that bombed.

1. It’s a Wonderful Life

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Can you believe this is one of the classic movies that bombed? Surely not? It is such a beloved movie that Christmas wouldn’t be the same without it being shown on TV. It’s a Wonderful Life was made by Frank Capra with a huge budget, with the aim of being one of the great first post-war blockbusters. Sadly, the audience was not gripped by the inspirational story of George Bailey and on its first release it lost more than $3 million – wow – that was a significant sum back then.

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