7 Amazing Films Featuring Bradley Cooper That Any Fan Will Love ...

I will never cease to be amazed by the plot diversity found in most of the films featuring Bradley Cooper. The impeccable talent that he possesses when attacking a particular role is inspiring. I always expect to either find myself laughing or tearing up with every new project announced, which serves as an attestation to his diverse acting range. These phenomenal films featuring Bradley Cooper will definitely appease old and new fans alike.

1. New York, I Love You

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Containing a mix of carefully crafted and interlaced segments, "New York, I Love You" is one of my favorite films featuring Bradley Cooper. The tagline of this simple but heartfelt collection of love stories sums up the overall plot of the film: "Every moment another story begins." Serving as the follow-up to the lovely film "Paris, je t'aime," I love that the city plays a vital role in how the characters are structured; it's almost as if the city of New York itself is a personified character. Starring in Allen Hughes' segment, Bradley Cooper brilliantly takes on his role as Gus, a man worrying over whether a one-night stand with a stranger (played by the wonderful Drea De Matteo) meant something.

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