9 Amazing Movie Moms Who Will Inspire You to Be a Better Mom ...

Motherhood isn’t easy and some of these amazing movie moms make it look like a piece of cake, while others work as hard as we do. Being perfect doesn’t make you an inspirational character, being a mom like Erin Brockovich or Esme Cullen does. They may not always make the best choices, but they do want the best for their children. So how does my list of amazing movie moms compare to yours?

1. The Sound of Music (Maria)

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Maria may not be an amazing movie mom at the beginning of “The Sound of Music,” however by the end of the film, everyone wants to have a mom like Maria or the actress, Julie Andrews, who plays her! Maria loves the Von Trapp family so much that she is willing to risk her life and help them run away from the Nazis. She also stands up for the children against their strict father and every child needs someone who has their back. In my book, she is the mother of all movie moms!

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