7 Apps for Movie Lovers ...

If you are all about movies, having access to apps for movie lovers is very important to you. You want all of the information about your favorite movies and actors at all times. While there are so many different apps for movie lovers out there that can add on to your movie experience, here are a few of my personal favorites. They have helped me develop my love for movies and my pretty impressive movie knowledge.

1. IMDb

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Of all of the apps for movie lovers, this one is my go-to app. I hate when I am watching a movie and I know I have seen an actor before but I just can’t place it. That is where the IMDb app comes in. I can easily look up an entire database of who the actors are in a movie and what else they have been in. My friends are amazed that I know so much about all of the actors in our favorite movies, and I have the IMDb app to thank for that.

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