Are These the Most Annoying Movie Characters Ever?

Don’t some movie characters just grind your gears? Of course, it’s just like in real life when some people just irritate you to the point of making your teeth itch. Movie characters are loved by their creators – or at least they must believe they bring value to the story – but sometimes we just can’t stand them. Useless, whiny, boring, pointless … like these:

1. Jar-Jar Binx (Star Wars Episodes I and II)

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Sitting proudly on top of the all time list of annoying movie characters is definitely Jar-Jar Binx, just one of the many things that was wrong with the ill-judged and misguided Star Wars prequels! Everything about Jar Jar was annoying from his stupid voice to his frustratingly clumsy nature. If George Lucas thought we were going to love Jar-Jar as much as R2-D2 or C3PO then he was sadly mistaken! Hopefully the new batch of Star Wars movies will make it up to us.

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