2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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This is a teen drama, or so it would seem. The budget is low, and at the time Sarah Michelle Geller was just another actress in her twenties waiting for obscurity. That is until she became a worshipped cult figure. It looks and feels like a tacky teen drama, but watch past the first season (when Joss was finding his feet) and you start to see some of the best character building that has ever been submitted to the TV screen.

If you ever wondered where Joss grew his skills in order to meld characters in the way he did with the movies Cabin in the Woods and Avengers Assemble, then watch a few series of Buffy. If you do not cry at the end of season three (watch it and find out why) then you have never felt love in your life. Of all the Joss Whedon shows, the fact that this show turned nerd-culture cult in just two series says it all. The nerd culture is now the biggest money maker in Hollywood. If you were to have said 20 years ago that comic book movies and Lord of the Rings were to be the biggest money makers in Hollywood history, you would have been laughed at. And how cool is it that there is even a Buffy the Musical episode? Love it!

Cabin in the Woods
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