7 Awesome Shows to Marathon Watch ...

If you have Netflix, you know that there are plenty of shows to marathon watch and I am pretty sure we have all done it. Sure, marathoning through seven seasons of a certain show may not be the best use of our time, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Sometimes, that means turning off our brains and becoming completely obsessed in some random storyline. These are some of my favorite shows to marathon watch and a few that I am looking forward to marathoning next time my brain needs a break.

1. Veronica Mars

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With the new movie out, there is no better time to catch-up with our second favorite messed-up small town in California. Neptune is a sunny town filled with shady people and Veronica Mars and her PI father are just the ones to take them down. The best part for those who have not yet watched this show is you will not have to wait seven years after season three's ridiculous cliff hanger. This one is definitely one of those great shows to marathon watch.

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