9 Baz Luhrmann Movie Moments That Are Beautifully Romantic ...

He doesn’t do movies often, but when he does those Baz Luhrmann movie moments hit you minute after minute. While I haven’t seen the first movie he made as a director, I have watched the last three over and over. Baz Luhrmann movie moments from Moulin Rouge, Romeo & Juliet, and The Great Gatsby always make me smile. They are probably some of the most romantic in Hollywood’s history!

1. Satine and Christian’s Elephant Moment

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Satine tries to play it cool, at first. But we all know there is no way she won’t fall for Christian’s charms, even if he is just another writer trying to make it in Bohemian Paris! After singing that awesome love song mash up, their firework-filled kiss with an opera singing moon is spectacular. I used to love listening to that song as a teenager! This is one of THE best Baz Luhrmann movie moments in my opinion.

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