7 Best British TV Shows to Watch ...

British TV Shows are some of my most fav TV shows ever and if you’ve ever laughed your heart out watching Del Boy and Rodney, Bauldrick and Edmund or Rene and Yvette, I’m sure you know which British TV show I have in mind! But these three TV shows are not the only ones I’m going to discuss here, so definitely check this list out because you’re about to be reminded of some old, but totally unforgettable British TV shows that are always worth watch again:

1. Only Fools and Horses

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“This time next year, we’ll be millionaires!” – Remember that? I don’t know if this show made it to any of the official lists of the most popular British TV shows, but it sure deserves to be on mine as I’ve watched it until I thought I can’t watch it anymore and then various local channels re-played it and proved me wrong. What could be funnier than two low class flee market salesmen! Oh wait, I know – two flee market salesman who somehow always manage to get themselves into trouble! Rent it, buy it on DVD, watch it online, do whatever you can to spread the word about how hilarious this show is as I’d simply hate to see it completely forgotten!

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