7 Best Cameos from a-List Celebrities ...

It’s nice to follow along with a movie until you suddenly see the unexpected yet familiar face of a well-known actor or actress, making what can potentially become one of the best cameos in a while! It’s especially exciting when those actors embody special characters who add more depth to the story and the whole plot overall. Plus movies packed with some of the best cameos from A-list stars are just that much more exciting and shocking, so they leave us wanting more!

1. Channing Tatum in This is the End

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We are used to seeing Channing Tatum take on the roles of strong and dominating males that symbolize the epitome of manliness, but in this uniquely filmed and directed post-apocalyptic movie Tatum shows the humorous side of his personality and makes one of the best cameos ever. He gently pokes fun at himself by portraying a slightly more… inferior character. It’s refreshing to see a huge star like him agree to something others would think twice about.

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