Top 10 Car πŸš— Movies πŸŽ₯ to Impress Him πŸ˜ƒ with on Date Night πŸ’– ...

Is the guy you’re dating a fan of movies and fast cars? If he loves sharing special moments over a bucket of popcorn and he also loves the sound of a car engine revving, then combine two of his passions with a night in watching car movies to impress him on date night.

Stock up on the essential must-know movies involving racing cars, convertibles and high speed chases for ultimate girlfriend points! Here are the top 10 best car car movies for date night that will make him putty in your hands before you know it.

1. Fast & Furious

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If he loves hot cars and hot women, it’s likely that he’ll be a big fan of The Fast and the Furious film series. And there are 9 films in total, plus 2 short films so there will definitely be more dates on the cards. This is one of my favorite car movies to impress him on date night!

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