7 Best Hulu Original Shows for when You're Bored ...

There are a lot of Hulu original shows out there nowadays. Since there isn't much advertising for them it's hard to know what's out there. Well, this list is here to help! This list will help you figure out where to start with Hulu original shows, so let's take a look.

1. The Awesomes

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This is the first of the Hulu original shows that I ever watched. It's a funny show about a group of misfit superheroes and it's actually pretty good. It's not a smart comedy and it doesn't make you think, but that's not what it aims to do. The Awesomes aims to make you laugh and that's exactly what it does. It's not an inappropriate cartoon like Family Guy or American Dad either, so you can watch it as a family, just the kids may not get all the jokes.

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