7 Best Movies to Watch before You Go to Italy ...

The list I’ve compiled as the best movies to watch before you go to Italy comes from my personal movie-watching experience. It was my first solo trip ever, and I was going to Rome for 3 weeks, I couldn’t believe it! Since I couldn’t wait to get there, I figured I would let out my excitement by watching movies set in the gorgeous place I was about to visit! So here are the 7 best movies to watch before you go to Italy!

1. Roman Holiday

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This is hands down, one of the best movies to watch before you go to Italy. Not only is it a classic, it shows you Rome the way it was meant to be shown. Every time I watch this film, I can’t get over just how perfect it is to see Audrey Hepburn scooting around town on a vespa with a handsome Gregory Peck. The fact that there are so many incredible places to see in Rome is beautifully captured in this movie, and it will show you places that you must, must see!

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