10 Best Sports Movies of All Time ...

Teamwork, buzzer beater situations and the love of the game are the genetics behind the best sports movies of all time. And while there tons of movies and DVDs that focus on athletics, there are a select few that embody team unity, athletic feats and inspirational speeches better than the rest. So if you haven't already seen these 10 best sports movies of all time, now is the time to make a date with your DVD player or Netflix account—it may be just what you need to get to the gym, join a local sports league, or at the very least, start wearing your sneakers again!

1. Remember the Titans

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This movie is vital to the lineup of best sports movies, and quite possibly the most popular. Not only is it the story of teamwork, hard work and determination on a high school football team, Remember the Titans also tells the story of breaking down racial divides… and that's harder hitting than football!

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