7 Best TV Shows with Subtitles You'll Love ...

I love subtitled TV shows and I would like to share what I believe are some of the best TV shows with subtitles you'll love, which are available to box-set binge on to your heart's content. Many people don't like dramas or films with subtitles as they're deemed too labour intensive. If you're one of the subtitle fearing folk you're truly missing out, as there are some fabulous foreign dramas that will have you on the edge of your seat. Here are my favorite TV shows with subtitles that I urge you to watch.

1. Montalbano

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Ok, so I'm cheating slightly with this one as I am Italian, so technically I don't need the subtitles but if you don't speak Italian, you will! This is a fabulous crime drama and is one of the best TV shows with subtitles. Salvo Montalbano, the Sicilian police inspector, is an honest and loyal character whom you'll quickly warm to, although he's something of a loose cannon at times, which of course adds to the entertainment! He's a funny character and like all eponymous heroes of TV detective dramas and fiction, he has his eccentricities and quirks, which make his colleagues slightly nervous. It's thoroughly entertaining and its success has spawned a spin-off prequel series showing the (rather delicious) young Montalbano in action.

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