11 Biographical Movies about Inspiring Women ...

Whether you are already aware of the fabulous women through recent or past history, it's a great time to review some biographical movies about inspiring women. From this group of strong women, you will learn about perseverance through their amazing struggles. Get out the popcorn, and power up the DVD player because it's time to watch some movies about inspiring women.

1. The Audrey Hepburn Story

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Jennifer Love Hewitt portrays Audrey Hepburn in this heart-warming biography, which is among the best movies about inspiring women. The story begins while Hepburn is filming, β€œBreakfast at Tiffany's” and flashes back as Audrey reflects on different points in her life. It covers her childhood through World War II and her determination to continue to participate in dance up to the completion of the now epic-classic film.

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