7 Books That Should Be Movies ...

Books that Should Be Movies are kind of a hobby of mine. I am, as y'all doubtlessly know by now, a big reader, and every time I read a new book, I try to envision whether or not it would make a good film. A lot of times, books can be spoiled by movies, but not always. There are plenty of books that have become movies that I absolutely love. The Lord of the Rings trilogy (and the upcoming Hobbit films) and the Harry Potter series are among the big blockbusters, but there are many lesser known novels that have made great flicks – like Fried Green Tomatoes and The First Wives' Club -- and there are lots of books that should be movies, too. Whenever I read a book I really like, I always stop to think about whether it would make a great film or not. Here are some of those books that should be movies, in my humble opinion!

1. Under the Dome by Stephen King

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There are, in my humble opinion (again), a lot of Stephen King books that should be movies, and they may be, before too long. Of all of them, however, I think Under the Dome would make the best movie. I fell in love with this book; it immediately became one of my top three favorites. I think that the plot is extremely relevant today; done currently, this could teach viewing audience a lot about what pollution can inevitably do, even if you don't live under a dome.

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