7 British Comedies You Need to Start Watching ...

British comedies are sometimes a bit of a mystery to those who haven't lived in the UK. However, I have been assured by some of my U.S. friends that some aren't entirely mystifying. Some British comedies are dark, while others simply mock every stereotype going. These are my favorites, hopefully you will enjoy them too!

1. Shameless

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I am guessing most of America will be familiar with the U.S. version of Shameless? This is one of my favorite British comedies, in the British form of course (I need to make time to watch the U.S. version!). It was created by a guy called Paul Abott who had the mis(pleasure) of growing up in one of Manchester’s more challenging areas. Sure it is a little dark at times, but Frank Gallagher is comedy gold. I also have a slight crush on Jamie Maguire, even if he is a little on the dodgy side.

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