7 British Sketch Shows That Will Get You Laughing ...

Thanks to UK Gold and Dave TV channels, I’ve been able to watch British sketch shows that were made before I was even born! Good comedy should be timeless but I have definitely found that some comedy is actually of its time and can give someone who didn’t live in the era it was made some insight into those times. At least, studying history is my excuse for binge watching some of these British sketch shows.

1. Little Britain

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Other than the general humorous elements, this is one of the British sketch shows that you probably enjoy more if you have any idea of what a strange people we Brits are. There are some characters that most will find funny – such as the Only Gay in the Village and the loveable lot from Fat Fighters, but others very much play up certain traits of Britishness. David Walliams and Matt Lucas bring us the most crazy, weird and definitely strange set of people – most of whom you’ll love but not like very much, if you know what I mean.

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