3. Boardwalk Empire

There was a time when film actors made films and TV actors made television. These days the lines are blurred and if anyone shows that you can be as successful on the small screen as on the big screen, it is the various Steve Buscemi performances that seamlessly cross the divide between the two media.

Some would actually argue that his TV roles are more prominent than his movie roles. Although he has yet to star in what you would call a true blockbuster movie, Buscemi has been in The Sopranos, 30 Rock, and letโ€™s not forget his 6 year stint on Saturday Night Live. Most recently though, it is Boardwalk Empire that has been his main TV vehicle. As Enuch โ€˜Nuckyโ€™ Thompson he is undisputed ruler of Atlantic City in the 1920s โ€“ part gangster, part politician. As Steve Buscemi โ€“part brilliant, part superb.

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