7 Chick Flicks I Never Get Tired of Watching ...

I have a confession; there are some chick flicks I never get tired of watching no matter how many times I have seen them. After all, what is not to love about good chick flicks? A chick flick has elements of comedy, the deeply devoted love we all dream of having and a lot of fun, feel good moments. I often turn on one of the chick flicks I never get tired of watching when I am just hanging at home, cleaning or doing my thing.

1. Sweet Home Alabama

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I have a confession. Sweet Home Alabama was the movie my husband and I watched on our first date so I naturally have a special spot for this film. But beyond that, who wouldn’t love this movie? It has all an awesome mix of chemistry between Melanie and Jake, laughs, admirable style and even a perfect scene in the rain to top it off. Push this to the top of your must see list and you will see why it tops my list of chick flicks I never get tired of watching.

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