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7 Creative Cable Shows They Should Bring Back ...

By Lyndsie

In my humble opinion, there are tons of cable shows they should bring back, shows that either got canceled before their time or had such awful finales that they deserve a second chance. Most of them are premium cable shows that belonged on networks like HBO and Showtime, but you'll find some comedy choices as well. Mind, these are just my opinions, so if you think of any other cable shows they should bring back, let me know in the comments!

Table of contents:

  1. The united states of tara
  2. Oz
  3. The sopranos
  4. Chappelle's show
  5. Dead like me
  6. Moral orel
  7. Deadwood

1 The United States of Tara

I didn't start watching The United States of Tara when it was on, but rather caught it on Netflix several years later. Heather and I ripped through the three seasons in no time flat and were left hungry for more. Toni Collette was just awesome and she had great chemistry with John Corbett. The story lines were incredibly interesting – not just the ones featuring Alice, T, Buck, Gimme, Shoshana, and Chicken, but also the offsets concerning her family and friends. I particularly loved the fact that no one made a big deal out of son Marshall's sexuality; it was simply accepted and embraced from the very start. I thought it was a really intriguing look at DID, especially since it focused on how it affected Tara's loved ones. I enjoyed every single episode, but towards the end of the series, it felt a little rushed, which is why I think this is one of the cable shows they should bring back. There was closure, of course, but even without the alters, I think a fourth season would have been fantastic.

2 Oz

Oz had a good, long run; I just wish they'd bring it back because I'm selfish and I loved it. It was HBO's very first series, and it was just awesome. I still think Beecher and Keller were like the Romeo and Juliet of Oswald State Correctional Facility. Toward the end, many major characters were either dead or simply off the show, but the series still ended in such a way that I think they could get another season out of it at least. Hell, I'd settle for an HBO movie – just a short one, to see what happened to Beecher, among other things, and to find out if Oz ever reopened after Keller's last stand.

3 The Sopranos

The Sopranos was another HBO superstar. Heather and I are currently watching the whole series now. They will never, ever bring it back, but the fact that the last half of the last season in general (and the last episode in particular) is still one of the most controversial in television tells you that there's a market for it. No one really knows what happened to Tony, and there were certain aspects of that last season that simply didn't do justice to the series as a whole. I'd just love to know what happened, because negative aspects aside, this was just one of the best shows ever in the world.

4 Chappelle's Show

Chappelle's Show was just … pure genius. Dave Chappelle is one of my favorite comedians, so I was thrilled when he got his own show. The ensemble cast was sheer perfection, but Chappelle himself was the stand out, and he brought out the best in everyone, from Charlie Murphy to Wayne Brady. The Wayne Brady sketch still makes me laugh so hard I nearly pee my pants, and I routinely watch the Rick James sketches at least once a week. The show ended so abruptly, I'd love to see Dave come back to it. I think the world at large would rejoice.

5 Dead like Me

Dead Like Me was a Showtime series that got the boot way too soon. I debated putting Queer as Folk in its place, but although I'd kill for some more Brian Kinney, it had a great run and a lovely, if bittersweet, ending. Dead Like Me only got two seasons, and I just don't feel like that was a fair run. It was such a great premise and the entire cast was wonderful. Mandy Patinkin was sheer excellence, Ellen Muth was adorable, and Callum Blue was just kind of sexy. I really think they could have done more with it – and they could have done better than that straight-to-DVD travesty.

6 Moral Orel

Yeah, odd choice. Yeah, I watch Adult Swim – a lot. Moral Orel is my second favorite [as] show – Metalocalypse is my favorite, by the way, and no, I cannot wait until the next season. But this is about Orel, who did not deserve his untimely demise. There was honestly no reason for this little 15 minute masterpiece to get canceled, and its death was a tragedy. The third season was masterfully done and wonderfully dark, and in spite of network hassles that went against the ultimate vision of creator Dino Stamatopoulos, it was a popular series. Although pretty awesome, the little follow-up tease “Beforel Orel” simply wasn't enough.

7 Deadwood

I am absolutely mad for Timothy Olyphant, and although I think he's a dream come true in Justified, I'd give anything in the world to see him in Deadwood again. I love well done historical dramas, and this was extremely well done with an absolutely flawless cast. It was hugely popular but only saw three seasons, although HBO teased the hell out of everyone before confirming this. Worse, the series was supposed to get a movie wrap up with less stringent restraints on time, but oh guess what? That project got the ax, leaving fans hanging – and angry. There's still hope that we'll get the two hour finale, at the very least, but I stopped holding my breath.

With few exceptions, I'd say there's little hope that these shows will ever come back – but who can say? After all, Arrested Development is finally (finally!) coming back from the dead, so maybe there's a reason to hope – at least in some cases. Is there a particular show you'd love to see again?

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