9 Depressing Deaths from Animated Movies That Wrecked Your Childhood ...

There are certain deaths from animated movies that can really wreck your childhood. You see a movie when you're nine years old and it's still making you cry decades later. That's some powerful cinema, don't you think? Some of the most depressing deaths from animated movies come at the hands of Disney, which knows how to break a heart, but not all of them. They don't all involve particularly beloved characters, either, they were just so nightmarish that they scarred you for life. Take a look at these tragic deaths and let me know if they just wrecked you too.

1. Bambi's Mom Bite's the Dust

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How is this a movie for children? How can you open a children's movie this way? I still mourn the death of Bambi's mom, to the point that, as a child, whenever the men in my family went deer hunting, I begged them to go bowling instead. This is one of the most traumatic deaths from animated movies you'll ever see, and it never gets better.

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