7 Different Types of Fangirls You Will Encounter ...

There are a few different types of fangirls you will come across in your lifetime. A fangirl is a girl who loves a certain TV show, character, singer, actor, movie etc, but who often goes above and beyond what people would think was β€˜normal’ behaviour. Some fangirls may be a combination of any of these, but one thing is for sure: they really are very passionate. Here are seven different types of fangirls you might encounter.

1. The Blogger

Kicking off our list of different types of fangirls is the Blogger. The Blogger fangirl has a blog dedicated to the show, movie, character or person she loves, and often posts photos, gifs, videos and quotes. Lots of fan blogs are very popular, and blogging gives a platform for fans to connect with each other.