Every Woman Needs to Watch These Iconic Chick Flicks from the 80s ...

We may think the 21st century has got the market cornered on chick flicks and we do have some amazing ones. But there were also some iconic chick flicks from the 80s that you need to watch. None of these will disappoint. There are enough laughs, love and touching moments in these movies to keep the even the most critical viewer happy.

1. β€œFootloose”

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Before there was the 2011 version of β€œFootloose”, there was the 1984 version. The storyline is the same but there’s a vintage feel to the movie that’s enjoyable. Kevin Bacon and Lori Singer star as Ren and Ariel. It’s fun to go back and watch this movie after watching the 2011 version. Remakes and classics are always interesting to compare and enjoy.

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