7 Exciting Movies You Wish Could Happen in Real Life ...

You know those exciting movies that you just wish could happen to you, but you know they probably won’t? These movies take your breath away. Sometimes they can be scary, at other times they provide the kind of romance that sets your expectations ridiculously high when it comes to relationships. There are so many exciting movies out there, it is hard to narrow it down to just seven. I’m still going to give this a good go though…

1. The Beach

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The idea of a fun, party-loving community tucked away on a secret island just off Thailand seriously appeals to me. Aside from the shark attacks and gun-toting Thai guards, this is one of those exciting movies I rarely get bored of. The Beach is based on a book by Alex Garland, which (as usual) is much better than the film. However, as far as films go, this adaptation isn’t bad. Not only does it feature Leonardo DiCaprio, it has a good old dose of Tilda Swinton too.

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