10 Captivating Travel Movies to Inspire Your Next Adventure ...

Travel movies can really inspire you to see go and see new places, explore new countries, or keep you from going stir-crazy by providing a kind of vacation-by-proxy. Have you ever come home from vacation and been hit by the travel bug? Then perhaps you need some eye-catching and captivating travel movies to satisfy that desire to roam exciting and different countries, and give in to your sense of adventure? Or do you need some inspiration for another destination to explore? Take a look at these 10 travel films to get inspired to see the world.

1. Around the World in 80 Days

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A natural choice on any list of travel movies โ€“ whoโ€™s better to follow than the one and only Phileas Fogg tours the world in 80 Days all because of a bet? It is the ultimate travel movie that starts and ends in London, passing through India, Hong Kong, Japan and America. Either the 1956 or the more recent 2004 version will do. The movies may not be the best, but theyโ€™ll certainly kick-start your desire to see the world in crazy, courageous and humorous ways. I personally still prefer the David Niven version over the remake.

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