9 Fantastic Steampunk Themed Movies to Enjoy on Movie Night ...

When it comes to the steampunk aesthetic I am a sucker for anything associated with this science fiction subgenre, including steampunk themed movies. The term Steampunk was coined in the late 1980s and was popularized with the publication of the book The Difference Engine. Since that time, the phrase has been retroactively applied to many other books and movies that come before its publication, and it continues to be applied to movies and books after its publication. Steampunk has flourished into the most well known of the cyberpunk variants. If you are interested in learning more about this subgenre and seeing the aesthetics in motion, I present you with a list of seven steampunk themed movies. A bit of caution, some descriptions may contain spoilers.

1. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004)

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Bomber planes with flapping wings, goggles, and lab coats are everywhere. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is one of many steampunk themed movies with busy, interesting scenery. This movie blends two subpunk ideas: steampunk and dieselpunk. There are also airships, hyper-futuristic inventors, and an impending apocalypse. The movie follows a reporter and a pilot who team up in an effort to stop the destruction and save the world's most famous scientists. The female reporter is pretty cool but Franky takes the cake! Franky embodies those well-loved hero qualities of the cyberpunk genre.

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